How Learning About And Enjoying Irish Music Is Beneficial To Your Health

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Irish music is an increasingly popular form of traditional music, but few people understand the health benefits that listening to and learning about this music can offer. If you are developing a love of famous Irish folk songs, it’s worth knowing how you can use it to boost your overall health. It Gets You Dancing The high-energy rhythm of most Irish music makes it absolutely perfect for busting a move. Traditional Celtic dances are just one way you can enjoy Irish music, and there are often clubs dedicated to celebrating these dances. However, you can also create your own personal dance and enjoy it in your own way. High-energy dancing offers a wide range of physical benefits, including: Boosted cardiovascular health More aerobic fitness Improved muscle strength Better balance and coordination Dancing also utilizes many aspects of your brain. In fact, listening to music and performing music (including Irish music) gets you to utilize both sides of your brain, including the creative side and the muscle memory and agility side. Irish Ballads May Increase Relaxation Although some of the most popular Irish music is upbeat and exciting, much of it is low-key and relaxing. The traditional vocal ballads of Ireland are among the most memorable and emotionally satisfying in the world. Listening to soothing music can generate a wide variety of benefits, including: Stress reduction Improved meditation Increased physical relaxation Boosted mood Greater sense of healing Easier time falling (and staying) asleep Pain reduction Great Examples Of Irish Music The nice thing about traditional Irish music is that it can vary between upbeat tunes and more relaxing ballads. This means you can listen to a wide range of music and receive the myriad of benefits mentioned above. Some of the most popular Irish artists (and some of their most upbeat songs) include: The Pogues “Irish Rover” Sinead O’Connor “Mandika” Van Morrison “Moondance Some of these songs are fairly traditional, while others are more contemporary. Each is upbeat and designed to get you up and moving. As far as relaxing Irish music, there are various sources. On music streaming websites, there is a wide variety of calming Irish music, including traditional harp music. This music is designed to calm the mind and relax the body. Some Irish artists, such as Enya, have built an entire career out of creating lush, relaxing, and emotionally satisfying music. Her music has a diverse style that is unified by calming keyboard tones and melodies. Check out some albums of Irish music from the library or buy a few, then listen to them and enjoy the health benefits that come from listening to, learning about, and dancing to Irish...

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Beyond The Music: Five Ways Music Lessons Can Help Your Child

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You may not realize all of the ways that simple instruction in guitar or another instrument can help a child. Many of the traits and habits fostered by the discipline of music lessons are features that can benefit a person throughout the lifespan. Five ways that music lessons can help a young person include: 1. Improved rhythm. Guitar or piano lessons will help a child in developing a good sense of rhythm, which can also help in other pursuits such as singing, public speaking, or even dancing. Don’t underestimate the value of this, especially for children that go to school and attend conventional music classes. 2. Increased confidence. Playing an instrument in front of a teacher, instructor, or class can be daunting, but it will build confidence in the child over time. This also perpetuates a firm sense of self in children that stick to their music and identify themselves as someone who has the skill to play. 3. Learned patience. Learning to play an instrument requires patience. Skills required to play the guitar or piano don’t appear overnight, and kids that stick to it will find that it fosters discipline and patience later on. Any activity that grooms a child to work hard and wait for results is typically going to build patience and diligence in the individual. 4. Determination and pride. When a child hears how it sounds to perfect a note, a chord, or even a song, this could result in determination to do even better and play more. This also may foster a sense of pride in the child, as they realize that they have honed a skill. Children that are made to feel pride often exhibit better self-esteem later on in life. 5. Solidarity with like-minded individuals. Playing an instrument and getting together in groups to play, such as bands or orchestras, builds a sense of belonging and solidarity with the other musicians. Having a similar interest may be the bedrock of lifelong friendships. This also can help shy children find a common ground to reach out to others without fear or reticence. With so many challenges and difficulties growing up, music presents the opportunity to foster some positive attributes and traits in a child. Give your child the advantage of taking guitar lessons or learning to play the piano. You may be providing the encouragement that leads to a lifelong hobby or passion in your young person. Companies like Las Vegas Pianos offer the supplies you need to get...

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How To Determine When Your Son Or Daughter Is Ready For Their First Guitar Lesson

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As a parent, you obviously want your son or daughter to be smart and do well in school. Unfortunately, recently in the United States, the funding for music programs in many public schools has been reduced or eliminated entirely. Therefore, in order for your child to reap the benefits of guitar lessons or other types of music education, you will often need to choose a facility outside their school to provide it.  That means that you will need to know how to know when it is an appropriate time for them to begin their music education. It is also important to note that there is not any one age where each child is ready to learn the guitar. Instead, it is a determination based on a variety of factors on an individual basis. Consider The Level Of Interest That Your Child Has In The Guitar It is first necessary to consider how long your son or daughter has wanted to play the guitar. For instance, if it is new and occurs due to an older friend or relative who has started classes, it is a good idea to see if their desire remains in a few weeks. As part of that, it is a good idea to discuss with your child why they want to play the guitar. If he or she is able to provide you with solid reasons and is able to comprehend that the first guitar class will not result in immediate music skills, there is a good possibility that your child is ready for their first guitar lesson. In addition, you will also want to get a commitment from your child as to the frequency and amount of practicing that will occur. Assess Their Fine Motor And Other Skills One of the most important aspects of playing guitar is undoubtedly the eye-hand coordination of the student. Another is how strong their hands and fingers are and the third is how well the child can concentrate on specific activities. Oddly enough, hand size is not particularly important now, due to the fact that there are different sizes of guitars and many are appropriate for small hands. Because manipulating the guitar chords requires nimble fingers, its students need good eye-hand coordination and adequate hand strength. Due to the fact that the guitar is challenging to learn and play, your child must be able to concentrate on it without being overly distracted during each class and practice.     In conclusion, guitar lessons are linked with an increase in intelligence and better grades in school, but many public schools in the U.S. currently have limited or nonexistent funding for any type of music classes. Fortunately, you can provide your child with the benefits of music classes by signing them up for guitar classes (read more here) outside the school setting, once you have determined that they are mature enough to do...

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Your First Guitar: Choosing Between Nylon Or Steel Strings

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If you’re looking into getting your first guitar (or getting a first guitar for a son or daughter), one of the important decisions you have to make is whether to get nylon strings or steel strings. It can seem a little unfair; how can a beginner be expected to make a decision like this when they may not have even strummed a guitar before? Don’t just give up and flip a coin. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar before, you can still have some basis for your decision. Think About The Music You Want To Play Nylon-string guitars and steel-string guitars do sound somewhat different. Nylon strings are more commonly used for classical music or mellow folk, while steel strings are used for rock and country. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, but if you’re particularly interested in playing a certain type of music, choose your strings based on that. Listen To The Difference If you go to a guitar store, you can hear the difference between nylon and steel strings up close. Ask someone at the shop to demonstrate the types of strings for you, and you can get a sense of how they will sound once you have gained some skill at guitar. You can listen to recorded music as well, but it can be more difficult to find out what type of guitar is being used, and there’s always the possibility that the recording will sound different because of post-production “cleaning up” of a recording. For Children, Consider Nylon If you’re looking for a guitar for a younger child, nylon strings have a big advantage: they are easier to press down and cause less finger soreness for beginners. This isn’t such a big deal for an adult, who will have the finger strength to use either type of string. But a child’s fingers aren’t as strong, so the difference is more pronounced. With time and practice (and proper adjustment of the guitar), this finger soreness will go away quickly. But you don’t want this annoyance getting in the way of the enthusiasm of a younger player – and children also often have less patience than adults and may get fed up with even a temporary annoyance like this. What About Electric? It’s possible to start on an electric guitar, but there are a number of advantages to starting acoustic even if you plan to move to electric guitar later. Learning on an acoustic, your skills will transfer to an electric guitar easily. But an acoustic has the advantage of being easily portable. This can make an especially big difference in the beginning, when you’ll most likely be carting it back and forth to lessons. And even if you’re self-taught, it can be nice to be able to play absolutely anywhere without worrying about electricity or...

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What You Should Bring To an EDM Festival

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If you’re planning to go to an electronic dance music (EDM) festival this summer, then you need to plan ahead. There are a few things you should bring that will make the experience more enjoyable. It’s also important to understand what you can’t bring, so this article will get those items out of the way first. You don’t want to show up to the gate and be forced to dump your stuff into one of the large trashcans that are for contraband material: What You Can’t Bring Laser Pointers Alcohol Glass Bottles Pacifiers Spiked Bracelets Open Cigarette Packs * Open Packs of Tampons * * You can bring in sealed packs of cigarettes and tampons. The reason unsealed packs are not allowed is that this is a method of smuggling in illegal drugs. Festival organizers will make you throw open packages into trash bins before you enter the festival. Now here is what you should bring. Let the fun begin! What You Should Bring Sunscreen And Sunglasses You’re going to be out in the sun all day, so it’s important to bring sunscreen. Vendors will often sell sunscreen at the festival, but it can be expensive and might not be the type you like. Small Backpack or Purse You should check the particular event you are going to attend. Different EDM festivals have different requirements on the size of bags. You definitely don’t want to show up and have to choose between throwing your bag out or leaving the event. Reusable Water Bottle Lots of festivals have water stations. It’s cheaper than buying bottled water. Fanny Pack Fanny packs aren’t normally considered cool, but if you go to an EDM festival you will see lots of them. They are an easy way to carry around stuff and not have to wear a backpack. Earplugs Even though you’re going for the music, it might be a bit too loud. A particular DJ’s set might not be to your liking and you might want to quiet it down a bit. Earplugs are a must! Glow Sticks and Light-Up Costumes Don’t forget to dress for the event. One of the best things about EDM music festivals is all of the cool costumes. Glow sticks and light-up costumes are two things that you will definitely see at a big rave. If you always wanted to dress up in neon and wear glow sticks, then this is your chance. You can find all sorts of wearable glow-stick designs online; everything from neon bracelets and necklaces, to neon bikinis and...

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Three Rockin’ Deals On Music In A Pawn Shop

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Like most people, you would probably not think of looking for music in pawn shop such as Oppleman L Music. However, you can find some excellent music this way, and in some very surprising ways. Take a second look a some of the music sources found for far less money inside a pawnbroker’s business. Digital Music Devices Unless the previous owner of a tablet, smartphone or MP3 device went to great lengths to erase all the data, a pawnbroker is not likely to perform a factory reset on these items. That means that all of the music on these devices is akin to a bonus or major freebie when you purchase a tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. For the recycled device price, you get a massive new library and maybe even a few playlists that the previous owner left behind when he or she pawned the item. Vinyl Everything retro is new again, including vinyl. Vinyl collectors cruise pawn shops because shop owners not only buy old vinyl, but they also carry rare records and collector’s albums. You may even find an artist, label or recording that really appeals to you, unmixed and original, that you can add to your growing music collection. If you do not have a turn table, pawn shops sell those too. Collector’s CD’s The most common CD’s are not something your typical pawn shop will purchase. However, CD’s still carry some value when the artist is rare, the performance is rare, or the artist is extremely popular. Collector’s CD’s, specifically ones packaged with extra goodies like a bonus CD not sold in any other package of the same recordings, are of interest to both pawn shop owners and music collectors. If you are looking for something collectible or rare, a pawn shop is definitely the place to get a good deal. Get the Best Price, No Matter What Type of Music You Prefer The best thing about the music deals you will find in a pawn shop is the opportunity to get an even better deal. You cannot walk into any other retail store and haggle over the price of a used or refurbished MP3 player or a collector’s CD. Whatever format of music you choose, do not be afraid to bargain with the pawn shop associate. Doing so could help you walk out with dozens of songs for absolute pennies, and that is a rockin’ deal you can roll...

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3 Stringed Myths Beginners Believe: Lose Them And Advance Your Chops At The Music Shop

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There are plenty of myths that beginning stringed instrument musicians are led to believe by well-meaning people. These false ideas set players back. Move forward by letting go of these 3 beginner myths. Myth #1) You shouldn’t buy a nice guitar when you’re starting out. It’s not true that beginners should stick to playing lousy instruments until they pay their dues in some painful manner. Unless you’re forced to do so by budget constraints or other circumstances, there is little value in playing a cheap stringed instrument that will never sound good no matter how often you practice. You’re bound to grow discouraged when your instrument is too hard to play. If you’ve proven you’re committed to stringed instrument study, by all means invest in a quality bass, mandolin, banjo, violin or guitar for your lessons. Choose well, and this instrument will be with you all of your life until you know the fretboard better than you know your own family. But always remember: if you get famous, your first cheap guitar will be worth something, so don’t toss it carelessly. Myth #2) More is always better. Now that you have permission to pick out a treasure, don’t succumb to the myth that more is more. You only think you want the ability to see all the guitars. But seeing images of every up-for-sale guitar imaginable is the absolute worst way to find the guitar that’s right for you. So what’s the answer? More knowledge? Players who post on instrument forums may be immense help when explaining what works for them. But all of the combined guitar talents of the internet aren’t going to lead to the best “real” instrument for your own studies. Remember that stringed instruments must conform to your body type. They must feel comfortable to you when held up by a strap, when pressed against your chin or when played while you sit. To find your perfect instrument, nothing beats a trip to the music store to actually hold and play a variety of models and styles. Myth #3) You’ll shame yourself if you can’t play well. Some beginners are embarrassed to try out instruments in a music store. They eye the merchandise longingly, but they’re too shy to let anyone see their rudimentary playing. Remember that music store personnel are there to help you become the player of your dreams, but you have to swallow a bit of your pride. They understand; they were all beginners once, too. If you’re an introverted player, do 2 things to get over your fear. First, find one or two songs to practice until you can play them in your sleep. They’ll be your go-to music store songs. They don’t have to be anything fancy; even a 3-chord progression will help you determine if an instrument is one you would like to have. If that’s not possible, find someone in the music shop who plays the instrument you’re after. Have that person play the available guitars or banjos for you and you’ll hear the different tones each one makes. When you pick out the one or two that have the sound you’re after, play those yourself to see if they will work for you. Bring a friend who’s a knowledgeable player with you if you don’t think anyone...

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3 Extras You Can Add To Your Car To Enhance Your Musical Experience

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There’s nothing more enjoyable than driving around in your car with the windows down, sharing your music with the world. However, your experience can be greatly dampened by a low-quality audio system that will not punctuate the bass to your liking or will sound fuzzy when you try to play music too loud. There are three great extras that you can put in almost any car to improve the sound quality of the stereo system. 1. Component Speakers When you get a new car, unless you’ve specifically had the audio system modified before you receive it, the car will likely have coaxial speakers installed. Coaxial speakers are speakers that have a woofer, which broadcasts lower sounds, and a tweeter, that broadcasts higher sounds, combined. This means that all of the parts of the music will be coming from one location and will not sound as good as a result. If you’re serious about improving the audio quality of your vehicle, then you should install component speakers, which have the tweeter and the woofer separated.  When the tweeter and the woofer communicate with each other, they will use a crossover network to direct sound to the rightmost speaker, giving the driver more distance from the speaker so that the music sounds more put together. It’s essentially a surround sound system for your car. 2. Subwoofer You’re also going to need a subwoofer in order to increase the range of bass sounds that your car’s stereo system is able to produce. Subwoofers are able to go deeper than the woofers and are responsible for the feeling of your heart pounding when the bass is dropped at a bar or a club. If you want everyone to know that you’re all about that bass, you’re going to need to pay to get a subwoofer installed. 3. Bluetooth A few years ago, an MP3 player would have made this list, but now most people browse music using online services. As a result, you’re going to need Bluetooth in order to make sure that your phone is able to connect with your vehicle’s speaker system and that you can control the phone with your voice. This will allow you to browse popular music services without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.  For more information about what you can install in your car in order to get the ultimate music listening experience, talk to a car audio technician at a business like Sun Valley...

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3 Ways Music Can Benefit Your Health

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Music affects different people differently. While some individuals use music to relax, others use it to motivate them to do more. Regardless of how you look at it, music can help to improve your health and well-being by doing nothing more than listening to it. Not sure how it can help you? Just check out some of the benefits of music below. Improve your exercise performance. One of the best ways to boost your energy and increase performance as an athlete is by cranking up the music. Throw on your favorite up-beat music and hop on the treadmill, elliptical, bike or any other piece of workout equipment you desire. Before you know it, you will find yourself running faster, increasing your endurance and boosting your motivation. Listening to music has a positive effect on your health and workout regimen without actually having to think about it. Get a better night’s rest. Individuals in college are always on the run. It seems as if they are running on almost no sleep. Some get to the point where they can’t seem to get to sleep at all. Thanks to the power of classical music, you can overcome your insomnia and get a peaceful night’s rest. Pianos, cellos, violins and chimes all come together to make an amazing assortment of tunes that leave you at peace for hours on end. Tone down the stress levels. Regardless of what you might seem to have going on in your life at the time, stress can take its toll on your body. Stress of any sort can cause your body to get run down and your sleep and eating patterns to be thrown out of whack. By listening to calm, peaceful music, you can put an end to stress by triggering the release of stress reducing chemicals within your body. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of your favorite tunes to help unwind and relax at the end of a long day. Music can do more for you than what you realize. If you are passionate about the arts and want to learn how to play yourself, there is no time like the present to have professionals, like Cannon Pianos, tune your piano or guitar, so you can begin to hone in on your skills and talents. Playing music is just as beneficial as is listening to it. Explore the opportunities that await you by playing music for someone you love and growing your skills and...

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