If you love music, you may have a piano in your house. If you have a piano, you want to ensure that it stays turned so that you can get an accurate sound from your piano. If it isn't tuned or tuned correctly, you can have many problems, including having your music sound off or making it hard to have someone singing along with you. The best way to make sure that your piano is tuned correctly is to hire a professional to come in and do the job for you. 

Play the Piano

The first thing a professional piano tuner is going to do is play your piano. Whether that means that they play a song that will use as many of the piano keys as possible or they go through and play each key doesn't matter. The goal is to hear how each note sounds as it is being played, as this tells the tuner how much out of tune your piano is. An experienced tuner should be able to tell what the notes should sound like, just by ear, because they have heard them so much. Someone who isn't quite as experienced may need help. Electronic tuners can help the tuner figure out which keys need to be worked on and which don't. 

Tighten the Strings

A piano makes a note because the strings under the lid are struck by a hammer that activates when the key is pushed down. As the notes get higher, the strings get smaller, and they get bigger the deeper the notes go. To play the right notes, each string has to be at a certain tightness. While that tightness will be similar in all pianos, it will also be slightly different because no two pianos are the same or set in the best environment. Starting with middle C, the tuner will tighten and adjust the strings until they get the right tone. They may use a series of turning forks to get the right pitch or an electronic tuner if they have one. 

A piano is a great instrument if you like to have live music. If you can play the piano, you can take that musical knowledge to any instrument, making it a little easier. If you have a piano, you want to make sure that it stays in tune. Hire a professional piano tuning service to see how they can help you.