Wooden musical boxes come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. They can make great gifts for a range of different special occasions too! Here are three special occasions that a wooden musical box would make a special and memorable gift.

An Anniversary 

Gifting a couple a wooden musical box for their anniversary is a great way to provide them with an opportunity to commemorate their special occasion on any day throughout the year. Whenever one of them sees the music box or opens it to get something out, they will remember their special day and be reminded of their love for one another.

You can have a custom song programmed into the music box that represents the couple in some way. Maybe it's the song they danced to on their wedding day or one that they tend to play during their anniversary parties. Consider having a depiction of the couple engraved on the face of the music box for an extra-special touch.

A Religious Event

Whether it's an Easter or Diwali celebration, a baptism, or a Bat Mitzvah, a wooden musical box makes for a fun gift that will help remind the person receiving the gift of the religious event for a lifetime. You can fill the music box with little trinkets or a special piece of jewelry that represents the giftee's religion overall.

There are a variety of musical boxes on the market to choose from that are programmed to play religious music when they are opened, so it's just a matter of finding the one that best represents the religion and the event that the music box will commemorate.

A "Sweet 16" Birthday

A young woman who is turning 16 tends to start taking their collection of jewelry seriously, so gifting her with a wooden music box is a great way to celebrate her "coming of age" and ensure that she has a safe place to store the jewelry that she accumulates as time goes on. She can also store other knick-knacks in the box if she's not interested in jewelry.

Look for a music box that comes with a lock to give her an extra sense of privacy and so that she can keep her stuff safe from the prying eyes and hands of siblings. Consider having her name engraved on the side of the box to "brand" it and ensure that there is no question about who the box belongs to.

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