Songwriting is a unique art form that combines the clarity of words with the raw emotion of music. Anyone can write a song, but perfecting the skill can take a lifetime. Reading interviews by top songwriters is a great way to increase your knowledge and develop your own personal songwriting ability. Here are some things you can learn from some of the best songwriters in the industry:

1. Remember that you're writing music, not poetry.

Beautiful lyrics often seem like poetry. Like poetry, lyrics take advantage of rhythm, repetition, and evocative images. However, songwriting is unique because it relies on melody, harmony, and backing tracks. Top songwriters can teach aspiring newbies to consider all elements of a song during the writing process. Writing lyrics with a melody in mind can help you achieve a cohesive result.

2. Follow genre standards.

Innovation is a necessary component in art, including songwriting. However, it's equally important to fit the standards of your genre. Learning about genre standards can help you meet your audience's expectations, which in turn can lead to greater audience satisfaction. One of the best ways to learn about current standards and trends in your favorite genre is by reading interviews by songwriters working in that genre. However, it's equally important to read interviews by songwriters working in other genres since they can have unique insights that you can use in your own work.

3. Find out about the music industry.

Many people begin writing songs for themselves. It's important that you're satisfied with the musical compositions you create. However, if you want to make songwriting your career, you'll also want to learn about the music industry. The music business can seem opaque to people without experience in it. That's why the life experiences of working songwriters can be invaluable. Top songwriters can share the wisdom they've gleaned from working with professional producers and artists. By learning from their mistakes and insights, you can grow without making so many mistakes of your own.

4. Never give up.

Finally, one of the most important traits for any aspiring songwriter is perseverance. The music industry is competitive, and even talented songwriters can struggle to find their place in it. Interviews by top songwriters can allow you to learn about their struggles. Learning about the failures, not only the successes, of your heroes can help you find the perseverance you need to continue even in the face of adversity.