Few things can add an element of liveliness and excitement to an event as much as a live singer. If you're preparing for an event and you feel that a singer would be a worthwhile addition, your next step will be to choose the right type of performer. One way to start is to think about what genre of music you want the singer to perform. Lots of singers can perform multiple genres, and identifying a genre that will suit your event will make it easy to begin narrowing down your candidates. Here are some types of singers to hire for an event.

Jazz Singer

Jazz is a popular genre of music that can be a good fit for all sorts of events. A jazz singer will perform songs that many of your event's attendees know, and can do so in multiple ways. For example, if you want the singer to take center stage and perform a few numbers at a specific point in the event, they can do that. Alternatively, they can perform more quietly off to the side of your event where people who are interested in hearing the music can gather. A jazz singer can be a good fit for various corporate events, high-end restaurant grand openings, and more.

Comedy Singer

As you browse online singer listings, you'll likely come across a number of performers who specialize in comedy songs. This type of musician can be a good choice because it will add a light, fun mood to your event. As people listen to the singer's lyrics, many of them will laugh out loud. Laughter can often be contagious, so the majority of the guests may soon be laughing. A comedy singer can be a good fit for any event that you want to have an upbeat vibe, such as a fundraising event.

Children's Singer

If you're planning an event that is specifically for children — or perhaps an event at which a large percentage of the attendees will be kids — you'll want to think about hiring a children's singer. A performer who sings a variety of child-friendly songs can make the event fun for kids, particularly when the singer involves them in some of the songs. At an event that has adults and kids, setting up an area for the children's singer to perform for the kids can keep them entertained while the adults converse with one another.

You can think about what kind of mood you want to set at your gathering in order to help you decide what type of singer for events to hire.