There are many different ways that you can approach taking private guitar lessons with a local teacher. Some aspiring musicians have done little more than use guitar book lessons to learn the basics of this instrument, while seasoned players can turn to a teacher for help with specific techniques. If you've been playing guitar for a while and you're interested in learning about a genre of music such as funk, lessons can be a good idea. You'll already have a background in the basics of playing, so you can jump right into the intricacies of this upbeat genre. Here are some important things that you'll learn about funk guitar.

New Chords

There are several things that make funk guitar playing different than what you might already know. One of these things is the inclusion of a wide range of different chords — including several that might be new to you. Just as you learned lots of basic chords when you began playing the guitar, your lessons will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with some new chords that can serve as the foundation to your funk playing. With your background, you'll likely find that learning these chords and switching between them is easier than when you first learned the basic chords as a complete beginner.

Palm Muting

Lots of funk music involves palm muting as part of the rhythm, and while this technique is present in several other genres, it's a fixture in funk guitar playing. Because funk music is often up-tempo, you'll need to learn how to play a chord, mute and strike the strings, and then play either the same chord or a different chord in a rhythmic manner. Your teacher will work you through these techniques slowly, likely with the help of a metronome. As you practice and refine your skills, you'll be able to increase your tempo so that your playing sounds like the funk music that you listen to.

Wah Pedal

The wah pedal is synonymous with funk guitar playing, so you'll have an opportunity to explore this effect in your lessons. You can learn with your teacher's wah pedal, but you'll likely want to buy your own to practice at home. Using a wah pedal can be challenging because you need to move your foot in a specific way to change your sound, all while still playing your guitar. Doing so can introduce new dimensions to your playing, as well as be a lot of fun. Look online to find a local instructor who offers private guitar lessons.