Online video instruction has made learning music more accessible than ever before. Quality video instruction is available at only a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Video lessons also span the barriers caused by distance and location. These qualities make online video instruction an excellent way to learn the flute.

Plus, the beginning flutist also gains several advantages when they choose to receive instruction in this way:

3. Receive Instruction Anytime You Want

Especially as an adult learner, finding time for flute lessons can be difficult during regular business. After all, you have your career or your family that demands most of your primetime hours. You need lessons that accommodate you, not the other way around.

You can receive online video instruction whenever it's convenient for you. Even if it's three am on a Sunday, that's no problem. Simply assemble your flute, get your music out, log in, and start learning.

2. Watch and Rewatch

When you take conventional, in-person flute lessons, you attend the lessons, receive instruction, and then you're on your own when you actually sit down to practice. All that you will have will be your flute, the music, and any notes that you managed to take during the lesson.

But when you take online lessons, you can watch the videos as many times as you need. Watch them every time that you practice so that it stays fresh in your memory. This is especially great if you're not the most studious or the best notetaker.

1. Use as a Supplement

Online lessons can also provide a second source of information. Sometimes, the critical bit of information that you really need to progress can get left out of band or school-based music lessons, for example. If you want your flute playing to really stand out within the band, the second source of instruction online instruction may give that edge you really need to be the best you can be.

Getting the Most Out of Video Lessons

The trick to getting the most out of online video lessons is to approach them the same way you would an in-person music lesson. You must get organized and be prepared. Don't start watching the lesson video until your ready to play: 

  • Your flute is assembled
  • Your music is out
  • You're ready to devote your attention completely

Learning to play the flute well requires dedication and a methodical approach. In some music colleges, they have a small, sound-proof room dedicated to providing practice space. The best option is to try and set something like that up at home where it's just you, the instrument, the music, and your video lessons. Contact a company that offers online flute instruction videos for beginners for more information.