Many people have horror stories of taking piano lessons as a kid but then dream about learning as an adult. Contrary to popular belief, music lessons don't have to be painful and it's never too late to learn piano. 

In this article, you'll discover key things to avoid when seeking private piano lessons.

Your Instructor Can't Help With Your Music Playing Goals

One very important question to consider is whether the instructor can help you accomplish your desired level of skill. Not all piano teachers are created equal.

Ask the instructor about their teaching style, i.e. material you will be playing and practice drills. Get instruction from someone that is flexible and can answer the questions you have. They don't need to have an ivy league education but they should be able to provide proof of their successful students. Also, if you prefer to play pop music over baroque renaissance, finding a flexible teacher will help keep you motivated to learn.

Miscalculating Your Time Commitment, Skill Level, and Budget

One common mistake when seeking private instruction is not considering your time commitment, skill level, or budget. The time you spend learning piano will include travel, lesson time, practice, and recital time. Your instructor can work out with you how often you should practice for your desired skill level but no less than four days a week is typical. Find an instructor you can travel to or who will come to you comfortably every week. With the change in socializing due to the global pandemic, online lessons are more common. This may be an option if you are interested in distance learning.

The cost investment of lessons varies by instructor and skill level of the teacher and student. Some piano teachers charge by the hour while others may charge by the month. Beginners may be able to find lessons for a relatively low price. For more advanced instruction, lessons can be expensive. In addition to these prices, you may have to purchase a keyboard and practice materials.

Not Considering Your Instructor's Typical Students

One thing that masters in any profession realize is that having a great coach is paramount to success. Teaching is a skill that requires patience, correction, and redirection. A private piano instructor should be able to analyze your mistakes and correct them with skill and patience. Having someone on your side throughout the process makes it easier to succeed especially as your material increases in difficulty. Some instructors are better suited to teaching young children while others are best for adults. Ask about their other students and speak to any references if available.

It's never too late to sign up for private piano lessons. Make a list of prospective instructors and go for a preliminary lesson with each. Choose the one that best suits your budget, musical goals, and personality preferences.

For more information about private piano lessons, contact a local instructor today.