Weddings mark the beginning of a joyous union in two people's lives. It's natural to want your wedding to be a special, magical event. The right music can help you achieve this by setting the mood for fun and romance. Live music is a special treat, since most people only experience pre-recorded music in their daily lives. Here are three tips you can use to hire live musical entertainment for your wedding:

1. Decide if you want live music for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

If you plan to have dancing at your wedding, you'll want to have some form of music available. Some couples choose to hire a DJ to perform live at their reception. If you'd prefer to have a band play your favorite songs, you'll need to find a cover band. The type of music typically performed at a wedding reception is different from the music used during a wedding procession. If you'd like live music to accompany the bride while she walks down the aisle, you may want to hire a string quartet in addition to any band you've chosen for the reception. String quartets can play a lovely assortment of classical music that can set a romantic mood for your wedding.

2. Find musicians you like.

Once you know what type of music you want at your wedding, you'll have to find musicians that suit your style. Musical enjoyment is highly individual experience. Your taste in music might dramatically differ from someone else's taste, so you should take recommendations from friends and family with a grain of salt. Many musicians have audio samples of their work available on a website. Take the time to listen to these samples so you can narrow down your choices before reaching out to entertainers.

3. Schedule your musical entertainer in advance.

Musical entertainers make their living by performing at a plethora of events. If you wait until the last minute to book talent for your wedding, you may find that the entertainer you wanted is unavailable. Make sure you get your first choice of entertainer by scheduling them well in advance. As soon as you have a concrete date and time for your wedding, reach out to the musicians you've chosen. You may need to pay a deposit in order to guarantee their attendance at your wedding. Some musicians may want to speak with you in person or over the phone to discuss your goals for the musical program.

Contact a musical entertainer for more information.