Few things are as satisfying as learning the ins and outs of guitar and learning a few good riffs. Starting with your scales and growing to the point that you can play entire songs is a great feeling of accomplishment that lets you make beautiful music at the same time. By taking some time to figure out how to learn guitar little by little, use the tips below and make sure that you build your guitar collection. 

Learn the ins and outs of playing the guitar and never stop learning

Do everything that you can to get your guitar skills up so that you're able to learn to play little by little. This means working your drills every single day so that you can build the muscle memory and see to it that you're able to build on skills that you pick up. In addition to finger exercises, you should keep learning songs of increasing difficulty so that you grow your expertise and get more comfortable with the instrument. 

It's important that you learn how to play both sitting down and standing up since they involve different muscle groups and comfort levels. This is particularly important if you plan on playing gigs or making a living with your music on any level. Be sure that you don't just practice, but practice properly. Use the proper fingering technique and focus on doing things correctly, rather than just doing them quickly. Start at a painfully slow pace and increasingly speed up when you begin to get more of a comfort level. Invest in a quality metronome or use a metronome app on your phone that will help you keep time and pace when you are playing songs. 

Build your guitar collection from the ground up

You'll want to take the time to build a nice guitar collection as well. Figure out what kind of guitars you enjoy — be it bass, electric, or acoustic. A lot of people love building a vintage guitar collection that they adorn their walls with and pull out from time to time as they learn. 

If you are trying to do what is best for your guitar collection, make sure that you also buy an insurance plan for each one, and take your guitars to the music shop from time to time. 

Use these tips so that you can do what is best for your pursuit of learning the guitar.