Like most people, you would probably not think of looking for music in pawn shop such as Oppleman L Music. However, you can find some excellent music this way, and in some very surprising ways. Take a second look a some of the music sources found for far less money inside a pawnbroker's business.

Digital Music Devices

Unless the previous owner of a tablet, smartphone or MP3 device went to great lengths to erase all the data, a pawnbroker is not likely to perform a factory reset on these items. That means that all of the music on these devices is akin to a bonus or major freebie when you purchase a tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. For the recycled device price, you get a massive new library and maybe even a few playlists that the previous owner left behind when he or she pawned the item.


Everything retro is new again, including vinyl. Vinyl collectors cruise pawn shops because shop owners not only buy old vinyl, but they also carry rare records and collector's albums. You may even find an artist, label or recording that really appeals to you, unmixed and original, that you can add to your growing music collection. If you do not have a turn table, pawn shops sell those too.

Collector's CD's

The most common CD's are not something your typical pawn shop will purchase. However, CD's still carry some value when the artist is rare, the performance is rare, or the artist is extremely popular. Collector's CD's, specifically ones packaged with extra goodies like a bonus CD not sold in any other package of the same recordings, are of interest to both pawn shop owners and music collectors. If you are looking for something collectible or rare, a pawn shop is definitely the place to get a good deal.

Get the Best Price, No Matter What Type of Music You Prefer

The best thing about the music deals you will find in a pawn shop is the opportunity to get an even better deal. You cannot walk into any other retail store and haggle over the price of a used or refurbished MP3 player or a collector's CD. Whatever format of music you choose, do not be afraid to bargain with the pawn shop associate. Doing so could help you walk out with dozens of songs for absolute pennies, and that is a rockin' deal you can roll to.